Enhance your productivity

From new graduates to experienced technologists, the Aquilion Prime SP’s integrated workfl­ow solutions render even the most complex of tasks easy. Through exposure control automation, vHP3 scanning and automatic image processing, Aquilion Prime SP empowers CT operators with expert level skills.

Faster, Safer and Superior Patient Imaging

The all new three phase variable Helical Parameters* (vHP3) provides the ­exibility of performing three separate scans into a seamless acquisition to potentially save radiation dose, contrast dose, or both. Overall faster scan times make vHP3 compliant to the needs of the patient, and shorten exam times for trauma imaging when every second is critical. A single series reconstruction enables several studies to be interpreted simultaneously for faster reading.


Power assisted patient positioning

When every second counts you need imaging equipment to work for you. The Aquilion Prime SP power assisted positioning* expedites the set-up of patients and reduces the heavy lifting required by the attending care team.