Seamless workflow

User-friendly innovation

Empower your workflow with the user-friendly interface of Xavion, guiding you through intelligent automation to streamline examinations and enhance user efficiency. Experience a system that automatically adjusts to the patient’s morphology, optimizing and reducing examination time while prioritizing safety by minimizing patient radiation exposure. Xavion goes beyond simplicity, offering a seamless and efficient imaging solution that puts user well-being and precision at the forefront.

Inspired by users

Innovation in patient dose free positioning

Prioritize patient well-being and optimise your workflow with this radiation-free positioning solution. This innovative process not only ensures accuracy but also minimizes radiation exposure. A simple mouse clicks on the Last Fluoro Image precisely centres the patient toward the point of interest, eliminating the reliance on X-rays.

Direct mode

Improved workflow

The versatility of the tube’s movement allows it to be effortlessly leveraged with the removable detector for examinations focused on extremities or in-bed scenarios. This efficient process not only ensures precision but also caters to the diverse needs of patients.

Removable detector

Singular-detector design

Experience unparalleled flexibility with the wireless Canon detector, delivering both Dynamic and Static Imaging seamlessly all in one. Inside the Xavion, it empowers dynamic and static imaging, while the detector versatility extends beyond the table. Whether with patient on the table, patients in wheelchairs, on stretchers or in bed, the detector ensures uncompromised static imaging excellence. The lightweight design of the detector contributes to the well-being of the operator.

Whenever the Xavion is equipped with an additional wall stand or a second tube, the same detector can be used to effortlessly perform all desired imaging. Xavion stands as a beacon of efficiency, embodying a singular detector solution that adds unparalleled value to your investment.

Benefits of the Xavion

  • Canon Wireless Dynamic Detector.
  • Effortlessly streamline your workflow with automated processes, allowing for a smoother and more efficient user experience
  • Innovative user interface, enhancing workflow and efficiency
  • Benefit from advanced technologies across the imaging chain, ensuring reduced radition doses without compromising quality, supported by robust cybersecurity measures.
  • Xavion RF Software with embedded AI-based imaging.
    • Seamless and efficient workflow that maximizes productivity
    • Innovative and intuitive dose-free patient positioning without compromising on quality
    • Superior image quality that sets new standards in diagnostic imaging