Wireless detector

Advanced canon technology

Empower your team to confidently acquire consistent, high-quality images, overcoming the challenges posed by the complexity of examinations and varying levels of technologist expertise. The Xavion, equipped with the wireless Canon CXDI-B1 detector, revolutionizes imaging for both static and dynamic scenarios. With its expansive imaging surface and the ability to deliver exceptional image quality at high speeds, Xavion ensures accurate diagnostics. Support your team’s efforts with cutting-edge technology that adapts to different examination complexities and enhances overall image acquisition proficiency.

AI driven image processing

Advanced software platform

The Xavion includes AI-supported noise suppression, combined with simultaneous edge and contrast enhancement, creating an imaging experience like never seen before in the R/F market. The deep learning post-processing software results in exceptional clarity in both soft and dense tissue, offering healthcare professionals an invaluable tool for accurate diagnosis. Also, this innovative innovative AI technology adapts dynamically to various patients’ conditions, ensuring consistency throughout the wide variety of examinations.

Anatomic Programming

Advanced APR system

The Advanced Automatic Programmed Radiography (APR) system effortlessly supports the operator with automatic examination presets tailored to the patient’s date of birth and selected anatomical program. In addition, the image processing technology automatically corrects each image to uphold diagnostic consistency across all patient sizes. Ensuring unparalleled image quality for every patient, regardless of individual variations, setting a new benchmark in imaging excellence.

Long length imaging

Fully integrated stitching

Elevate your capabilities for full-spine and long-leg examinations with our fully automated stitching software. Experience enhanced workflow as it facilitates single-patient coverage, allowing operators to efficiently accommodate a diverse mix of patients through rapid and automated image acquisition. Streamline your workflow and elevate patient care with our cutting-edge solution.

Experience the power of obtaining a full overview image within seconds, saving valuable time and enhancing efficiency in your day-to-day workflows.

Benefits of the Xavion

  • Canon Wireless Dynamic Detector.
  • Effortlessly streamline your workflow with automated processes, allowing for a smoother and more efficient user experience
  • Innovative user interface, enhancing workflow and efficiency
  • Benefit from advanced technologies across the imaging chain, ensuring reduced radition doses without compromising quality, supported by robust cybersecurity measures.
  • Xavion RF Software with embedded AI-based imaging.
    • Seamless and efficient workflow that maximizes productivity
    • Innovative and intuitive dose-free patient positioning without compromising on quality
    • Superior image quality that sets new standards in diagnostic imaging