SURESubtraction (SCT) Imaging

Enhanced iodine imaging with color mapping and angiography subtraction CT

The pixel perfect iodine extraction in SCT imaging is enabled by industry-leading 3D deformable registration algorithms.

Angiography SCT

  • Automatically remove bone, calcium and stents
  • Visualization of the true vessel lumen for better quantification
  • Whole body CTA, brain CTA, carotids, aorta, run-off
  • Zero-click workflow

Iodine Mapping SCT

  • Display local iodine concentration
  • Detect/rule out contrast enhancement
  • Detect local perfusion differences
  • Differentiate iodine from calcium
  • Virtual contrast boost
  • Routine with any multi-phase protocol
  • Zero-click workflow

Better outcomes led by intelligent technology

Registration algorithms for precise iodine extraction

Experience diagnostic confidence that comes with industry-leading 3D deformable registration algorithms. The output of this registration is the precise extraction of iodine contrast media from the datasets provided.

Making complex protocols a routine

Automated image processing

Canon Medical has optimized the SCT workflow enabling fully automated results optimized from scan to diagnosis that can be delivered directly to your reading station.

Case Study

Ultra-High Resolution Subtraction CT angiography in the follow-up of treated intracranial aneurysms
SURESubtraction Iodine Mapping for Bone Metastasis
Routine Pulmonary CTA with Iodine Mapping