Magnetic Resonance in MSK

Innovation has always been a top priority in MRI development at Canon Medical. Our Vantage Orian offers high performance imaging capability. Also this system is able to provide MSK images with extreme high resolution.

Remarkable technique is Ultrashort TE (UTE) which allows the radiologist to see structures that previously were not visible.


T2 mapping

Olea Nova

UTE (Ultrashort TE)
UTE sequence allows for less dephasing and more homogeneous vessel signals.

Customer quote

“ The ability to detect pre-symptomatic
changes in the cartilage by quantitative T2
mapping may facilitate early implementation
of preventative strategies thereby prolonging
athletic performance and the long-term
health of the joint beyond the playing career.”

Dr. Steve McNally
Head of Football Medicine & Science Manchester United,
Manchester, United Kingdom