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By collaborating with a range of leading academic, clinical and government institutions, we lead the way with smart, evidence-based solutions that have the power to change the game for diagnostic imaging. We’ve assembled research teams on both sides of the Atlantic to develop the next generation of AI-assisted imaging technologies.

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Language Transfer for Early Warning of Epidemics from Social Media

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Conditioning Convolutional Segmentation Architectures with Non-Imaging Data

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Comparison of Active Learning Strategies Applied to Lung Nodule Segmentation in CT Scans

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A Comparison of Texture Features Versus Deep Learning for Image Classification in Interstitial Lung Disease

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Cross-cohort Evaluation of Machine Learning Approaches to Fall Detection from Accelerometer Data

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Artificial Intelligence:
Oncology’s new secret weapon

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Deep learning reconstruction improves image quality of abdominal ultra-high-resolution CT

Authors: Motonori Akagi et al.
Journal: European Radiology
Published: 11/04/2019
Copyright: European Society of Radiology 2019


A research philosophy for a new world healthcare AI

Imagining the healthcare innovations of tomorrow requires the right environment today, which is why we empower our team to discover, test, and validate cutting-edge insights that answer the industry’s most challenging and pressing AI questions.

When it comes to deep learning and machine learning innovation, we partner with the best

AI Center of Excellence, Edinburgh

Radboud University Medical Center

Institute of Bioimaging, University of Bordeaux

Fujita Health University

Hiroshima University

Johns Hopkins University Science & Technology Park